Outstanding 5 Camera App for Android phones 2019

Today,I will tell you about Top 5 Camera app for Android phones If friends draw photos from your mobile, then they are not as good quality. In this situation, you can not change the camera of your mobile but you can drag the photo in high quality using some Camera app. Because in the mobile which is already the camera.

In it you got the automatic system. Because of this, you can not change anything from your side. I will tell you about 5 such Camera app. Within which you can do any setting on your own and give your photo professional look. So let me tell you about those 5 Camera apps.

Outstanding 5 Camera App for Android Phones 2019


This is a fabulous application for shoot pic. In it You will get 200+ different filters. With the help of which you can edit your image and look smart. If you want to click Low Light, Fall Effect, 360 Images, Gif Image, Real-Time Video Recorder Filters or Wide Angle Image, then Camringo is the good camera app for you.

It has been rated by one million people downloading so far on play store.

2.Camera FV-5

This is a look like manual camera. In it you can set everything according to you. In this you get a display of DSLR like view finder. Which can not be seen in any other app. In this camera app you can enjoy the features of DSLR. In this camera app you can adjust the shutter speed.

You can switch front and back camera by sliding on the screen. This camera app is available in 25+ languages

3.B612 selfie camera

B612 is a front camera app. In which you can have a very good pic click. In this you get lots of features. Which you can see immediately by applying. With this camera app you can also easily change the background. You pulled the photo into the app. I can share directly with friends, I have told you about top 5 camera app for android.

4.Google Camera

This is a very nice camera app. It works in version 4.4 or above. It is specially made for VR users. This is a great app. With this help you can take a very good quailty photo. If you want 360 ° image or video capture, it will be great for you. From which you can take a very good photo.

5.After Focus

This app is a outstanding app. With this help you can click on the black background image. With this app you can blur the backgroud of any of your photos. There are different types of Blur Effects in it. Such as Stable Blur, Motion Blur, Light blur. Background blur even before the camera photo is drawn

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