Some Interesting Fact Of World You Should Know

There are many mysterius available in india but some facts are as a mysterious and beyond of I am sharing with you some mysterious name of india so let’s enjoy this post.So lets start post and enjoying this post.

Interesting Fact In The World You Should Know

1.Fountain Pen

SO far, the most expensive writing pen in the world. These pens are for those people who are passionate about having expensive things. These pen sells only one year, the pen is worth 1.3 million dollars. This pen is not made like a normal pen, but it is a pen with 30 carat De Beers diamonds. The tip of this pen is made of 18 carat gold. Aurora Pens, the maker of this pen, says that this kind of pen is only 30 carats in the world.


The first television picture in the world was transmitted in 1926 and in April 1930, the first TV interview was taken by Irish actress Peggy O’Niel. In September 1931, the first sports show was shown in the Baseball match of the Japanese Elementary School and since 1936 the Daily Broadcast started.


Tigers have survived for 2 million years on the discovery of science. The word “tiger” means “Arrow” (arrow). The tiger word is derived from the Greek word “tigris”, which means “arrow”.


Honey is such a thing to eat that which never gets worse, inside a CC, the honey can remain right for 3000 years.

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